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Remember when you sang like no-one was listening, expressed yourself completely, spoke your truth without holding back . . . knew exactly what you were here for and how to live your life, fully aligned with your true purpose?

How would you like to feel that way again?


Hi. I'm Jen Wilson. I'm a singer, sound healer and voice empowerment guru and I'm here to help you transform your life.


I've put together three new courses, packed full of exercises, techniques, meditations and mantras, using crystal sound and the voice ~ simple, yet effective ways to detox emotional trauma, purge self-sabotaging behaviour, dissolve limiting resistance, restore inner harmony, empower your voice, and your life.

Stay Tuned for Course #1 ... Coming soon ... April 1st ...



Purify with Crystal Sound



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Transformational Sound Therapy
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Featuring 18 Epic Speakers


John Stuart Reid, Sharry Edwards, Don Tolman, Dr Jeffrey Thompson, Rich Merrick, Mandara Cromwell, Chloe Goodchild, Jill Mattson, Simon Heather, Dr Thornton Streeter, Susan Hale, James D' Angelo, Brian Collins, Tobias Kaye, Tareth and More


Weaving ancient practices with modern technologies our 18 leading researchers, pioneers and trailblazers share their knowledge of our ancestors wisdom, who mapped the stars, built geometrical, resonant temples and stone circles, aligned with the earth and the cosmos where their sounds and voices echoed out across time, facilitating self-healing and thriving communities.


Mirroring macrocosm to microcosm, discover how reconnecting with our divine source & reclaiming our unsung song, can enable the body to retune itself to its optimum vibration, where in our natural harmonic state, we may rejoin the heavenly choir of life.


Who doesn't want to know how Universal harmony can transform our lives?


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