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Remember when you sang like no-one was listening,

expressed your truth without holding back . . .

and knew how to be aligned with your life's passion?

How would you like to feel that way again?



Hi. I'm Jen Wilson

A singer, sound healer and voice empowerment coach, here to help you purge your emotional trauma and childhood wounding, that you may access and empower your most authentic voice and realign with your life's purpose.


Live Your Life on Your Terms 



Are you living your life with passion and authenticity? Or do you let under confidence, anxiety or fear hold you back?

How different would your life be if you were unashamedly expressive, alluringly charismatic, deeply present and fully empowered?


Many people allow old stories, blocked emotions and negative thought patterns to hold them back, sabotage their lives and essentially, prevent them fulfilling their goals and ambitions.

Old emotional trauma and childhood wounding may manifest as fear, anger, grief, stress, worry, feelings of unworthiness or unfulfillment. 

If they are not healed, these feelings can be triggered unconsciously, wreaking havoc in our life, holding us back and sabotaging our lives in ways we may not even be aware of.

Clearing out the vibrational 'memory' of trauma, that can become trapped within our cells, enables us to free our old memories and stories, allowing us to consciously make the changes we need to transform our life, aligned with our Divine purpose.


Are your old wounds, emotional traumas, deep rooted beliefs and self sabotaging behaviours preventing you from living the life you know you are here to live?

I understand. I've been there...

Strangled by feelings of unworthiness, I spent the majority of my younger years, hiding my voice - and my self - from the world. Only after many years of deep soul searching, trauma clearing and voice clearing, was I able to embody the beautiful sacred singer and Divine voice that I am today.


"Things have been so much better for me since I saw you - Everything is Lighter."  S.B.




What is Vocal Nectar?

Weaving ancient, natural practises with simple scientific methods, sound and the voice can be used to clear deep-rooted emotional trauma, self sabotaging behaviours and negative thought patterns, to assist a myriad of mental, physical and emotional issues, empowering the voice and transforming the life.

Using harmonic crystal tones, the voice, meditation and guided journeys, I create a safe space to enable you to explore your innermost feelings, to access and purge deep-rooted fear, grief, sorrow and childhood wounding, to help clear the mind, emotional and physical body of the vibrations of your old stories and memories, dissolving the vibrational trauma within, enabling you to come into full presence, aligned with your true purpose ~ a channel of your Divine, higher Self.


I felt my voice free up and become really fluid and I was singing like a mermaid.'  Susan, UK 



Who Do I Serve?


Vocal Nectar provide online courses and coaching for those:

~ who want to clear debilitating emotional trauma

~ in need of confidence, clarity or empowerment

~ seeking to rekindle their passion, creativity or inspiration

~ looking for a complete transformation in their life


If you are a performer, singer, coach, public speaker or single parent; if you deliver workshops, talks or performances, you may know how hard it can be to stop the negative chatter in your head, long enough to pluck up the courage to get out there and do your thing - to perform, sing or speak your truth with the passion, authenticity and conviction of who you truly are!  


You allowed me to go to places with my voice that I don’t normally let myself.’  Rita UK



Why Vocal Nectar? 

The voice is a tool of emotional release and is an indicator of our overall health. It is both diagnostic and therapeutic

Deep rooted memories and stories can disable the mind, distort the emotional body, damage the physical body, and wreak havoc in our lives. Giving voice to suppressed emotions and trauma, frees the memory from the mind and body, enabling the release of the vibration, while liberating us from debilitating, self-sabotaging behaviours, bringing us in to the present moment with clarity and presence.


"The Voice is the key to finding locked emotion in the body; to release it we must use the same note that locked it, the point of emotional trauma." Fabien Mamen (1997)




~ Empower Your Voice ~ 

Purge Emotional Trauma, Reclaim Your Power and Confidence, Transform Your Life


Exercises, meditations, mantras, affirmations and myriads of techniques, using harmonic crystal sound and the voice, to dissolve self-sabotaging behaviours and self imposed limitations. Restore confidence, clarity, passion, purpose and inner harmony to your life ~ whatever your story!


~ Align with Your Soul Song ~ 


When a South African Tribesman becomes ill, his people simply ask, "When did you stop singing?"


The warrior is not afraid to look within and knows this is their only true path to freedom.

Work with Me and rediscover your Self through the fascinating worlds of

 Sound and Voice Therapy  



A Unique Gathering of the World's Leading Pioneers and Trailblazers in Sound and Voice Therapy ~

Dale Pond, Randy Masters, Eric Rankin, John Stuart Reid, David Schiermeyer, Sharry Edwards, Silvia Nakkach, Don Tolman, Dr Jeffrey Thompson, Michiko Hayahsi, Adam Yellowbird D'Armon, Mandara Cromwell, Chloe Goodchild,  Brian T Collins and More

Weaving ancient practices and Indigenous wisdom with modern science and cutting edge technology.

Who doesn't want to know how Universal harmony affects all of life, how our own frequency creates our reality, and how sound and our own voice can transform our health and our lives?


"You are a master of ceremonies and you have created a jewel that will go on shining and will ring out across time"

Lawrence Bloom ~ United Nations 




YES I want to learn how to use sound and the
voice to empower and transform my life.

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