Sacred Singer,

Sound healer &

Soul voice guide

Aloha! I’m Jen Wilson, aka Sulis Hana (aka JenJen) ~

Singer, ethereal music & soundscape producer, sacred sound healer and soul voice guide. I donate my time to Vocal Nectar to help singers, speakers, performers, leaders, creative visionaries and healers transform old stories so they can restore inner harmony and realign with their deepest calling and Soul purpose.

My personal journey has shown me that the authentic expression of the many inner voices within our soul can bring us into alignment with our bliss, our passion and Divine purpose, so we may live as who we truly are!

After qualifying as a Sound Engineer, I gained a BA(Hons) in Music Technology, producing music for decades, before going on to study my MSc in Music Therapy and Therapeutic Sound.

I host Transformational Sound Therapy, the pioneering online summit featuring leading experts and pioneers in the fascinating worlds of Universal harmony, sonic geometry, frequency, indigenous wisdom, stone circles, cymatics, cutting edge therapeutic sound technology and the healing powers of the voice.

Spiritual journey         

Following a lifetime of disempowerment, addiction and grief, my spirit finally called out for healing. Ascended Master Chung Fu answered my call. Over the next 15 years I sat in candle lit rooms, in our small, safe, intimate group, diving deeply into the many layers of hidden and wounded aspects within my Soul.

Immersed in the silence within, the myriads of colours of my voice allowed me to purge my buried grief, childhood trauma, past lives and ancestral wounds. I connected profoundly with distressed aspects of myself, calling them home to me through my voice and my tears, reclaiming the power and gifts held within. Lifetimes of neglect, abuse and abandonment were acknowledged, expressed and transmuted as I released memory after memory from within me. Wailing like a banshee, sobbing relentless grief, screaming my rage wildly into the darkness, and the witnessing ~ of our safe and sacred space.

Over time, my trauma was fully purged. My grief and pain dissolved. I was finally able to embody my Divine Higher Self, and a voice so pure and angelic like I had never known, poured through me like shimmering, golden vocal nectar.

I know what it feels like to lose the will to carry on, to lack the confidence to express your authentic truth and beautiful voice. I know what it is like to lose your purest innocence ~ to long to be spontaneous, be seen and heard, to be loved for who you truly are.

From my many years of deep soul journeying, I am now blessed to be able to offer a myriad of multi-dimensional tools and practises to help YOU clear your trauma and vibrational energy field, that you too may come home to who you truly are, in full presence, aligned with your Divine Self and Soul purpose.
It is an honour and a privilege to guide you, support you, and to share this journey with you.

In Love, Light and Divine Presence.


~ Heart Song Woman
~ Visionary and Creator for the Divine
~ Soundscape and Music Producer
~ Soul Voice Guide
~ Holder of Sacred space
~ Facilitator of trauma release
~ Healer of the Inner child

~ Soul Messenger from the Akashic
~ Soul Alchemist, using sound to transform old paradigms, subconscious patterns, self sabotaging addictions
~ Channel for the Voices of the Soul
~ Channel for Deities and spirit guides Nino, Mongolian Wolf grandmother ~ Koran, Arcturian sacred geometry

~ Spirit worker, helping you connect to your guides
~ Psychic protection and freedom from spirit attachments

~ Guardian of Gaia, her oceans, waters, whales and dolphins and all water beings
~ Communicator with whales and dolphins
~ Weaver of crystalline light and sound to purify the waters of the world
~ Crystal healer, working with crystals and the crystalline dimensions

It’s my mission and my passion to help performers, speakers, singers, leaders and healers clear self-sabotaging patterns, empower their authentic voice, and live life fully aligned with their Divine purpose.


Journey With Me

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My Message…

I believe in a harmonious world, aligned with Spirit, our Higher Self and a deep connection with Mother Earth, where our bodies are born and will return.

I’m devoted to bringing harmony to the world through sacred sound and our most powerful, cathartic and intimate instrument – our voice.

I believe an empowered, blissful Life comes from our willingness to give voice to our deepest shadows and unsung song ~ restoring inner harmony and re-alignment with our sacred purpose.

I hold a safe and sacred space for YOU, to explore and transform old patterns at the root, to help you reclaim the life of Divine radiant power you are destined for.

In Love and Light

Jen  x