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Empower Your Voice

12 Week Course ~

Are you Ready to Discover the #1 Thing that Stops You Expressing Your Authentic Voice…

Are you ready to dissolve your blocks, transform limiting beliefs, power boost your confidence so you can go after Your Biggest Dreams & Live the Life you deserve!

     Space is Limited to give you personalised attention

I wish to express my deep thanks to you for the beauty and quality of your work and for helping to open my heart and eyes to vocalising in all the many ways you have reminded me I can. It has given my spirit such a boost and I’ve re-discovered how important and beneficial this is for me to do. 


Are You Trying to Move Forward in Your Life

But Old Stories Hold You Back?

You’re a performer, leader or visionary with talent, ambition and a deep resource of creative ideas…

You work hard to move forward, but you keep getting stuck, and can’t get past your emotional blocks to elevate yourself to where you want to be.

Does this sound familiar? 

When you apply for a show, workshop or engagement, you procrastinate… you’re overcome with anxiety and fear

Your inner critic tells you your voice isn’t good enough, your material isn’t up to scratch and no-one’s interested in what you have to say

You don’t have confidence in yourself or your voice… you feel you lack power and presence, and you don’t have the professional techniques to give you the edge

You doubt your ability to succeed... other people around you are already doing big things and you feel left behind

Just before your event, you get ‘stage fright,’ sabotage yourself, and you don’t show up powerfully, or at all! 

Fighting with your imposter syndrome is wearing you out


If you’re feeling stuck… creatively… personally… professionally…

And you’re not sure how to move forward…

I have GREAT News! 

There’s a proven step by step method to purge your emotional blocks, empower your authentic voice and BOLDLY go after your BIGGEST dreams


It’s worked for me, and it’s worked for 100’s of other performers and leaders who weren’t making their dreams happen. When they used my proven method, they got results__they got out of their own way,  got the gigs they wanted, shared their message with the world, whether online or in person, and began to receive the recognition and money they deserve, doing what they love.

I’m going to guide you through each step so you can shift what’s been holding you back and take your life to the next level.


You wake up feeling excited about sharing your voice and message with the world

You get invited to perform or speak on big stages and events where you shine confidently and people love your offering

You feel confident in your gifts and know you’re taking the right steps to become an in-demand singer, performer, speaker, online coach or healer. 

You’ve a strong following and fan base who help you gain recognition and further bookings

Make money doing what you love

You feel deeply satisfied by seeing your passion come alive in the world

You feel creatively and financially fulfilled with your performing, coaching or healing career.


Empower Your Voice is a self-paced course for performers, leaders and creative visionaries that gives you tools to purge your emotional blocks so you can get the gigs and engagements you want and go after your dreams with renewed passion, power and purpose.

After working with 100’s of singers, workshop leaders, coaches and healers, helping them breakthrough their limiting beliefs, I’ve learned the most effective techniques to help you empower your voice and elevate to the next level.

The Empower Your Voice course will guide you into the secrets of your voice, help you express a creative vocal freedom that will unleash your authentic voice and transform your life from the inside out.

Hi I’m Jen Wilson

I’m the creator of the Empower Your Voice online course


I’m the founder and creator of Vocal Nectar’s online courses and programs in Music Therapy, Sound & the Healing Voice and the founder of Transformational Sound Therapy online summit.

Jen Wilson

I’m a singer, music producer, music therapist, sacred sound healer and voice empowerment guide.
I help singers, performers, leaders and creative visionaries transform self-sabotaging beliefs at the root, so they can give voice to their unsung song and empower the Voice of the Soul.

I’ve worked with budding performers, creative visionaries and healers for 23+ years, using sound and the voice to clear persistent blocks that held them back, so much at times, that they felt like giving up.

I’ve seen their biggest breakthroughs, where they’ve turned their mindset and their life around, broken through their challenges to land their dream gig or engagement, or sold out their talk or workshop, and gone on to create the life of their dreams.

In my years of working with vocal performers and creative visionary leaders, I know exactly what it takes to purge those blocks and make the mindset shift so they can elevate to the level they want to be in their life and careers.

A part of me that was buried is re-emerging. This course has reminded me that singing and sound aren’t trivial, but an important feature in this world, and in me. Thank you for being such a gentle and informed teacher.


Singer & Musician

What Others Have Said About Working with Jen…

Your work is very strong Jen and vital in these days. You truly are a Warrior of the Light and your Light shines brightly even in the darkest and murkiest of places.


Spirit Guide & Healer

How professional you are and how beautifully you held the space


Workshop Leader

You’re an amazing teacher, amazing soul, a beautiful, compassionate heart, and extremely intelligent and thoughtful woman. Your class has been amazing. 


Group Leader & Activist

Transforming Limiting Beliefs TO CreatE

the Life of Your Dreams is A SKILL You Can Learn

Space is Limited to give you personalised attention.

Introducing the EMPOWER YOUR VOICE course

For Performers, Leaders and Creative Visionaries who are ready to purge their emotional blocks so they can step into their power, enjoy creative vocal freedom and courageously go after their big dreams.

 What’s so different about Empower Your Voice? 

I’ve designed this course specifially for performers, singers, leaders and creative visionaries working at the highest level 

The course evolved from my own deep, cathartic soul journey, and my many years of working with my Ascended Master teacher and some of the best  performers and leaders in the world

If you’re a performer, leader, coach or healer, this program is designed specifically to address the challenges and needs of your demanding work

√ The course is interactive, with active and listening exercises and practises. You’ll benefit from my 23+ years of experience, and be in a private group of dedicated & motivated performers, leaders and healers just like you, for sharing and support. You don’t have to do it alone!   

√ I give you exercises and methods that you can use every day to build your confidence, empower your authentic voice and develop your own unique message to boldly share with the world and turn your dreams into reality!

The course is action focussed with personalised vocal exercises, 3x group coaching sessions, feedback and guidance as you practise the exercises and get results!

This course is right for you if…

You’re a singer or performer who wants to sing boldly and confidently with more power, passion and presence

You’re a leader or speaker who’s tired of hiding and wants to express your authentic truth, show up powerfully on stage, online, in your workshops and engagements

You’re a creative visionary or healer who wants to shift the blocks that hold you back so you can have a greater impact, make a difference in other’s lives, and be a voice for those who have none

√ You’re tired of playing small and know there’s a better way to achieve your dreams and transform your life…

You’ve got the gifts and potential to succeed and are ready to say yes to breakthrough your blocks, with the right  guidance and a proven method to completely transform and elevate your life 

You know that to reach your next level of success, you need the right mentoring, accountability and community to keep you on track and move you forward.

√ You’re ready to be a successful performer or leader. You’re ALL IN, willing to do the work, do what it takes and implement the teachings until you achieve mastery.

I love seeing singers, performers and leaders step up to be the star of their own show.

One of the most rewarding things in my life is seeing someone follow their passion and achieve their dreams.


Empower Your Voice



You’ll discover how to use your voice to purge emotional blocks and transform limiting beliefs at their root so you can step out of your comfort zone and embody full presence.

You’ll explore ancient and modern vocal practises such as toning, shamanic and primal exercises as well as cutting edge vocal techniques based on the anatomy and physiology of the voicebox. 

  You’ll get powerful exercises to help you give voice to your shadow and your unsung song, encouraging you to open up to newfound creative vocal freedom to express yourself without fear of judgement or ridicule. 

  You’ll unlock your authentic voice from the most hidden places within, allowing you to ask for what you want and go after your biggest dreams. 

  You’ll learn the science behind the healing powers of the voice, how resonance can boost your vocal power, and how to acquire full embodied presence to enhance all your gigs, workshops and engagements. 


Before we begin

  • How to get the Best from the Course – Guide of Simple tips to prepare your mind and body to ensure you get the most from each exercise
  • Goals and Milestones Template – Track your progress and gain valuable insights on where you are and where your blindspots are. Journal your journey and celebrate your wins
  • Turn Your Dreams into Reality – Get crystal clear on the big vision for your life. How will your future look when you have the vocal power and unwavering confidence to go after what you want

Module 1: Introduction to Voice Healing

    • Create a sacred space where you can relax and open up
    • Still your mind and allow your breath to evoke a deep calm and assured presence within you as you gently call your voice forward and allow authentic sound to flow
    • Learn daily vocal practises and why they’re essential to keep your mind calm and your voice tuned


    • Learn gentle vocal exercises to begin the process of emotional release and dissolve any fears of being visible or judged.  This cathartic release lays the foundation for your full vocal power to emerge
    • Let your voice be your teacher as you start to clear the emotional blocks that hold you back so you can enjoy more presence and deeper fulfilment
    • Daily vocal practises to help you tune up and strengthen your voice

    Module 3: Warm up Exercises

    • Shake off any concern of what others might think with these fun, creative warm up exercises! Prepare for singing, performing or speaking while increasing your confidence for a more authentic performance or engagement
    • Unlock your vocal power with simple conscious breathing exercises to calm the mind, bringing greater presence to any engagement
    • 10 minute toning exercise to clear emotions, set your intention and set yourself up for the day

    Module 4: Find Your Unique Voice and Reclaim Your Confidence

    • Uncover the self sabotaging, limiting beliefs and old stories that diminish your confidence, power and presence
    • Breakthrough your resistance, step out of your comfort zone and find the courage to express yourself like no-one is listening. Plus tips on how to care for the voice and avoid vocal strain when expressing with gusto and passion
    • Connect with your inner muse and unlock your playful spirit where you can revel in your creative vocal flow. Includes tips on how to manage an encounter with the inner critic

    Module 5: Liberate Your Unsung Song

    • Explore innovative ways to add emotion and ‘colour’ to your voice for additional power, passion and presence
    • Learn how resonance can add volume, richness and depth to your singing or speaking voice
    • Explore vocal improvisation so you can liberate your expressive voice and show up with confidence and courage

    Module 6: Shifting Resistance – Emotional Detox

    • Confront the shadow within and heal the stories of the past so your Divine self can come forward
    • Give voice to the deepest parts of you as you purge difficult emotions and transform your core wounds at the root, releasing any fears, anxiety or recurring patterns that may keep you stuck
    • Access your unique vocal power from the depths of your being, bringing you full embodied presence and new-found dynamic impact

    Module 7: Primal & Shamanic Voices ~ Emotional Alchemy

    • Attune to your heartbeat and breath, the natural rhythm of your body. Connect with the core of your being and become a channel of your primal voice ~ ancient, wild, sacred and powerful ~ releasing deep hidden emotions within
    • Access primal and shamanic voices: power animals, spirit guides, ancestral voices. Unleash the wild warrior inside of you ~ fearless, confident and free
    • Explore creative, vocal freedom so you can deliver an optimum performance or engagement every time, whether you’re a singer, speaker, performer, poet, healer or natural born leader!


    • Liberate the voice of your soul and align with your Divine purpose so you can live the life you know you’re here to live
    • Be a clear channel for the expression of the pure sound of spirit. YOU ARE the instrument. Let your voice be your guide and teacher as you bring the sound of your soul into every cell of your body, resonating you into wholeness, giving you the courage and faith to move forward
    • Regularly express the authentic voice of your soul to bring depth to your life. Vocalise with your full awareness and presence and embody the Divine in all that you do

    PLUS You’ll get these bonuses

    Bonus 1: Ultimate Guide to the Healing Voice

    Inside secrets on just about every vocal practise ever! Step out of your comfort zone as you work through this extensive guide. Top secrets of professional singers & speakers to boost vocal power. Eastern and Indian vocal practises to still the mind.

    Explore innovative improvisation & courageous creativity as you get out of your own way and get more out of your voice than you dreamed possible. The wisdom in this extensive guide will give you the confidence to show up, step out and go after your dreams in style! It’s time to get creative!

    (Value $37)

    Bonus 2: The Perfect Package – PDF Guides to Supplement Every Topic

    This comprehensive bundle of PDFs contains ancient wisdom, science, tried and tested practical exercises, mantras, meditations and affirmations to supplement the course topics, and more. The perfect accompaniment to the video modules, this bundle of 16 PDFs provides additional in-depth information for every topic.

    ($197 value)

    Bonus 3: Improve Your Voice with Professional Tips from the Estill Method (PDF) 

    Practical techniques to help you maximise your vocal power, overcome self-doubt and boost your confidence for a bigger impact on your audience.

    Learn how to use the anatomy and physiology of your voicebox to add volume, depth and colour to your voice so you sing and speak like a pro. Improve your vocal performance with professional tips for singers and performers.

    ($18 value)

    BONUS 4: Sound Healing Meditations to Calm the Mind and Relieve Pre-Performance Anxiety

    Singing or speaking is THE #1 fear in the USA. Calming the mind before a challenging engagement is essential if we are to excel. Two sound healing meditations to relax mind and body, restore inner harmony, prepare you for your performance or engagement. Can also be used to practise any of the course exercises and modules.

    ($97 value)

    BONUS 5: Progress Coaching Calls

    3x Pop up coaching calls at a time that suits YOU, for support, sharing and accountability

    ($600 value) 


    Best of Videos from the 2-Day Divine Mastery Circle Live Event including group meditations, training sessions on the power of intention, and how clearing our past trauma and old stories can free us up vibrationally, so we can transform our present and allow our Divine essence to come into our life.

    Plus the additional bonus, The Wonders of the Healing Voice Slideshow.

    ($2100 value)


    Share and support one another in a safe environment with other performers, leaders and creative visionaries who are on a similar journey. 

    ($1497 value)


    Fast Action Bonus – The First 5 people to buy the course get a 30 minute coaching call with me for support on your greatest challenges and biggest goals, so I can help guide you to the right modules in the course that will help you shift them and get where you want to be faster.

    This bonus is available only for those who buy during the live masterclass.

    ($200 value)

    Total BONUS VALUE: $4746


    What others have said about the course …

    I felt my voice free up and become really fluid and I was singing like a mermaid


    Rita B

    Thank you so much for all you do for all of us… The class was amazing and the energy was incredible.

    Mary P

    You allowed me to go to places with my voice I don’t normally allow myself to go.

    Penny S


    √ 8 Empower Your Voice Modules ($997)

    √ Lifetime Access (Priceless!)

    √ 6 Valuable Bonuses with 16 PDFs plus

    3X Group Coaching Calls  ($4876)

    Private Facebook Group (Priceless!)

    Empower Your Voice Goals and Milestones

    Total Value = $5,873

    Regular Price = $997

    Special Discount Price $497

    *This is a special one-time only Discount of 50%

    Be sure to act soon as space is limited to give you personal attention on the calls.

    OUR Guarantee to You

    We offer a 30 Day, 100% money back guarantee. If you follow the exercises, I guarantee you’ll gain strength in your voice… But if this program isn’t right for you, simply contact me for a refund. Please see our terms and conditions HERE

    What others are saying about the course…

    I’m so glad I joined the course. I’ve been practising the breathing exercises which have been really helpful. And I’ve enjoyed the toning exercises. They help me stay calm and focussed


    This course has been an enlightening and inspiring journey to deepen my relationship with my Divine self. Thank you Jen


    I love the generous spirit and goodwill of yourself, and the collective desire to heal through this subtle and powerful natural way of being our own instruments for self and others. Bravo Jen, well done. Thank you


    Your work is much needed in the world. There is so much trauma and you have found a simple but effective way to heal it naturally. I applaud you. 

    Tom Cameron

    Retired Vet

    Your passion for the work comes through so strong Jen. Thank you for everything you are creating

    Calista Rocket

    Shamanic Sound & Voice Worker

    A journey into the core of

    your being ~

    exploring your Voice

    from the depths of silence

    to the full expression of its many

    wondrous colours.




    ~ 12 WEEK course ~

    § Give voice to your shadow and your unsung song
    § Purify your emotions with the colours of your voice
    § Activate and empower your Soul song

    ‘The Voice is the key to finding locked emotion in the body;

    to release it we must use the same note that locked it,

    the point of emotional trauma.”

    Fabien Mamen (1997)


    Jen Wilson is a singer/songwriter, music producer, voice empowerment coach and online summit host.

    A qualified sound engineer, she has always been fascinated with sound and music. After studying her BA(Hons) in Music Production, she went on to study professional singing techniques using the Estil method, and her MSc in Therapeutic Sound and the Healing Voice at Bristol University in SW England.

    In 2002, Jen founded her youth organisation SAFE Collective, an Holistic Recovery Program founded on music therapy for challenged adolescents, which was quoted as being ‘THE Model for the rehabilitation of young people’ by the Dept of Homeless Institute in SW England. 

    After speaking at the NA Conference on Big Island, Jen was invited by the Indigenous King of Hawaii to deliver her program to the young people of Maui.

    Jen has designed and delivered Diplomas in music, music production and singing techniques to performers, singers and music producers. She provided singing, multimedia, music and music therapy workshops to 1000’s of young people across Bristol, Bath and four counties in SW England, working in prisons, for drug agencies, schools, colleges, festivals, youth clubs and youth organisations, with at risk and challenged adolescents, addicts, offenders and the homeless.

    After attending a sound healing conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2006, Jen founded Vocal Nectar, delivering sound and voice healing workshops to 100’s of people across England, Spain, Portugal, Hawaii, San Francisco, Florida and Bali.

    Jen is founder of the groundbreaking Transformational Sound Therapy online summit, weaving ancient wisdom and Indigenous practises with cutting edge science and technology in the fields of sound, frequency, vibration and the voice.

    The summit received 1000’s of reviews from attendees around the world. Lawrence Bloom of Be Earth Foundation (United Nations) wrote, “You are a genius and a Master of ceremonies. You have created a jewel that will go on shining, and ring out across time.”

    What others are saying about Jen…

    Thank you for speaking to the heart of this matter. I sometimes ask those who don’t quite understand the power of sound… “do you believe in gravity?” But I continue to recognize that we are all on a journey and when the student is ready, their teacher appears.

    Enjoy a harmonious week!


    You are so passionate and inspiring and make me feel very hopeful for our future, and the future of our beautiful planet. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. May you be blessed with the sounds and colours of beautiful White Light.

    I am very grateful that you have created such amazing work. Blessings


    Thank you for being a gentle and informed teacher. 


    I have no words.

    You’re amazing.


    Thank you Jen. I was deeply moved by your story and your walk into your healing journey and ‘destiny’ choice. Bless you and thank you for this special gift to so many- I feel it a privilege to be receiving – gratitude and sincere thanks. Blessings and with love


    Your work has truly transformed my life. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve created and the effect it has had on me. I’ve always struggled with a need to understand everything scientifically, but thanks to you I have cleared a long standing block and allowed a deeper expression to come through.

    It cannot have been easy to share as you did and I find myself humbled by your selflessness.

    Heartfelt blessings


    “You allowed me to go to places with my voice that I don’t normally let myself go”


    Bath, UK

    “I could hear Hildegard von Bingen as though she were coming through you, and you were channeling her”


    Maui, Hawaii

    “I felt my voice free up and become really fluid and I was singing like a mermaid”

    Penny S

    Glastonbury, UK



    Commitment is key!

    *** Dedication to practise!
    *** Practise every day
    *** Consistency forms new habits!

    Practise for 30 minutes to 1 hour every day, if you can, to see real results. The beauty is there is no order to learning, so just toning in the shower, or when you're walking the dog, can be your practise!

    Showing up, completing the modules, and regular commitment to your practise will help you stick to your goals and your dedication for self empowerment.
    A safe nurturing space to process and share your journey is provided for all our members through our private Vocal Nectar group.


    The course is self paced, so you can do it in your own time, at your own pace, whenever suits you.
    The modules are short – between 2 to 20 minutes - and are simple and easy to follow. So you can choose any module at any time to fit in with YOUR schedule.


    You can practise the modules anywhere (with access to internet) ~  on the beach, at the gym, while cooking dinner, walking the dog, in the car. You can listen with your headphones on, or in your meditation room... Because you can take the course with you, you can create your own private zone where you feel 'safe' to make noise.


    If you already have all the confidence you need, what has drawn you here? Is there a deeper place within you, a  longing, calling for your attention so you can Live with even more presence and in your FULL potential?
    Hans Zimmer says it takes 10,000 hours of practise to master something. There is ALWAYS another depth we can journey to .. another layer to peel back, another dimension to be explored, a new passion not yet discovered. Delving deeper reveals new aspects of ourselves. How will you know what is inside if you don't say YES to the deepest journey within?
    Something has drawn you here. These words are your reflection that there is more of YOU waiting, longing, to be seen and heard. Your COMMITMENT to becoming ALL of who you truly are, starts by saying YES!


    If not now - when?
    You are reading this for a reason.. divine guidance has brought you to this page... if you walk away, you may stay where you are... in your comfort zone, or perhaps there is another path for you. But turning away from your inner truth only means you are delaying the time it will take to align with your gifts and Divine essence.  The depth you need to go to, to fully purge all that is holding you back ~ the fibre and richness you need to lead you to the freedom you are seeking, is inside this course. Through following the exercises, I'm now able to live the life of my dreams... Purging my old stories, fears, blocks and limitations – all those inner voices saying no. But pushing through the resistance is where the change happens.
    Once you have the foundation beneath you, you instantly gain the courage to move forward.

    Later never comes ... tomorrow never comes.
    So why wait? The time to say yes is NOW! 


    If you don't take a leap today, how will you ever know what you can achieve? It's said it is the things we don't do that we regret – never the things we do!

    You don't want to be someone who ends up with regrets for the things you didn't do, the gifts you didn't nurture, the dreams you didn't fulfil. Be the one who says,“WOW, I DID IT!”

    Inspire others, follow your dreams and passion. It is your destiny to live to your maximum potential - You OWE it to yourself! Just Say YES!


    FULL courses are 12 week courses. Depending how many modules you do per week, you could take 12 weeks, or any time between 4  to 8 weeks to finish the course.

    eg: 5 modules a week could see you finish the course in 6 weeks

    Altogether, there are approximately 3-4 hours of modules, not including time required for practise, quiet reflection, listening to blank meditations, reading PDFs, writing in your journal, and assimilation time.


    We do not recommend doing more than 2 modules a day unless you are confident you have squeezed the juice out of, and mastered each exercise before moving on!

    You may process a LOT of emotional content as you go through the course. Or you may just fly through it!

    It is wise to take your time and practise each exercise until it's second nature, before going to the next.

    REMEMBER: You can complete the course as fast or as slow as you like - BUT You need to give yourself time to assimilate and process whatever has come up for you before moving to the next module.

    Practise what you have learned! The more you practise the exercises, the more you will get out of them. You can go back and revisit any module as necessary.


    We offer a FULL refund if you're not happy with the course after 30 days. Simply show us you have given it your best shot and practised some of the exercises. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more info: https://vocalnectar.com/terms-and-conditions/

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