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Sacred Healing Sound

Your pocket guide to the history and science of sound healing, and proven benefits of therapeutic sound.

Explore how sacred sound and your unique voice can be used to harmonise your body, calm your mind and transform your Life.

For healers, creatives and visionaries ~ and the insatiably curious! 

Jen Wilson is a qualified sound engineer, holds a BA (Hons) in Music Production. and studied her MSc in Therapeutic Sound. After attending a sound healing conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2006, she went on to explore Neuroacoustics, Bio-acoustics, underwater acoustics, cymatics, the science of sound, vocal profiling and the anatomy and physiology of the voice.

Jen is the host of Transformational Sound Therapy online summit. She has performed gigs, held ceremonies, retreats and workshops at venues and festivals around the world, using crystal singing bowls in harmonic frequencies, and the voice, to clear emotional trauma through exploring and expressing the many voices of the Soul.  

How professional you are and how beautifully you held the space

Penny, Bath, UK

I have a full heart and feel very pure and light with a serene centre

Ros, Bristol UK

A Goddess came to me. I felt really fluid. I was lifted and felt myself float across the room

Chris, Glastonbury, UK