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Vocal Nectar is a global enterprise designed to give singers, performers, leaders, creative visionaries and healers, the tools and techniques to help transform limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns, to enable authentic expression of the soul’s voice and alignment with the Divine self and sacred life purpose.

We deliver a variety of online and in person programs ~ courses, summits, gigs, live events, sacred circles, ceremonies, workshops and retreats, with sound, voice, music and sonic geometry at the core.

Our aim is to help purge the shadows of the old paradigm, heal individual and collective trauma, restore inner harmony, ignite the light within, and facilitate alignment with our deepest truth and highest calling.

VocalNectar logo
VocalNectar logo


Everyone knows they have more to give. But too often, events in childhood or deep-rooted trauma can lead to detrimental patterns, feelings of limitation, a lack of confidence and a disconnect from our true, authentic self. Purging old stories and self sabotaging beliefs allows for the return of our purity, innocence and confidence, reigniting our passion and purpose.

Vocal Nectar provide the tools and guidance to help clear emotional trauma, childhood and ancestral wounding ~ holding a sacred space where each and every voice may feel safe to come forward and be heard.

Reclaim the life of radiant power that you are destined to live

 Bringing together ancient wisdom, indigenous practises, cutting edge scientific knowledge and over 15 years Deep Soul work with Ascended Master Chung Fu, Vocal Nectar programs weave myriads of sound and voice modalities and practises together, to help clear the pathway to your inner being, that you may activate the Divine within YOU.

Align with your true essence & your sacred purpose and say YES to your empowered Life Today!