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The empowered Voice

5 Ways to remove Emotional Blocks and Limiting Beliefs to be the Singer or Vocal Performer you always knew you were!

  • Ancient and traditional vocal practises to bring power, presence and passion to your performances & your life.
  • Express your authentic voice from the depths of its longing to the many glorious colours of your soul.
Jen Wilson

Singer/songwriter, sacred sound healer and soul voice guide, Jen Wilson has held performances and workshops at venues and festivals around the world, using harmonic crystal singing bowls and innovative practises to liberate and empower the many voices of the soul.

You took me to places with my voice I don’t normally allow myself to go.

Penny, Bath, UK

What’s Inside?

5 ways to Empower the Voice of Your Soul

  • Toning, Chanting and Mantras
  • Healing Trauma with the Voice
  • Improvised Expression
  • The Primal Voice
  • Your Soul Voice

I felt my voice free up and become really fluid and I was singing like a mermaid.

Rita, Glastonbury, UK