The Ultimate Guide

The Healing Voice

A journey into the core of your being, exploring your Voice from the depths of its silence through a myriad of emotions and vocal practices, to the full expression of its many wondrous colours.

Reclaim your voice and realign with your deepest calling

Jen Wilson

About jen Wilson

Singer/songwriter, sacred sound healer and soul voice guide, Jen Wilson has held performances, one to one sessions and group workshops at venues and festivals around the world, using the voice and crystal singing bowls to purify emotional trauma and realign with the Divine self.

Our voice can clear physical and emotional blockages and stuck energy. Giving voice to places within that are wounded or in hiding can help free our trauma. Our voice can uplift and heal. Our voice can emit prayers around the world. Our voice can transmute energy & empower us. Finding our voice can transform our life and our world.