A 4 week online course for singers, speakers and performers

Empower Your Voice

 A 4 week course full of exercises, tips and techniques to purge emotional blocks, release resistance and limitations, and activate the voice of your soul 

Do old stories sabotage your life?
has your inner voice been silenced?

Are you ready to reclaim the voice of your soul?

When a South African Tribes person becomes ill,
his people simply ask,

“When did you stop singing?”

In this 4 week course you will explore myriads of ways to use your voice to…

Purge old Stories and heal your inner child

Liberate and unleash your silent inner voices

Explore creative vocal freedom

Empower the voices of your soul

Align with your Divine life purpose

If you . . .


Lost your voice

Feel stifled or silenced


And If…


Your creativity is blocked

You're not spending time doing things you love

You KNOW you have so much more to give ...


What’s Inside?


  • Exercises, tips & techniques to help you express the many voices of your soul in authentic, empowering, transformational ways
  • Soundscapes and mantras to help you access and explore the hidden and silent voices within
  • Simple powerful exercises you can practise anywhere, anytime!

  • Short video modules to fit round your schedule!

Modules include:

Taking Care of the Voice

Warm Up Exercises

Emotional Clearing

The Unsung Voice

Shifting Resistance

The Primal Voice

Shamanic Voice

Soul Song

Voice Meditations

Jen Wilson





Jen Wilson ~
Sacred singer
Soul voice guide

As a young singer, being told to sit down and shut up, I know what it is to be stifled. I lost my confidence at an early age, scared to sing, speak my truth or express myself – I lost my power and I quickly learned to play small.

Becoming a widow with 2 young children in my 30’s, the grief impacted deeply in my psyche and my body. My emotions were in turmoil. In an attempt to stay in control of my life, I distracted myself with parties, addiction and self sabotage.

My soul voice was lost in the chaos and I became completely silenced.

Spiralling into self destruction, I knew my life had to change.

Finding my voice wasn’t easy. It was a long, painful process of letting go… of all my old stories… purging and clearing deep emotional trauma and grief. I learned to use my voice like a surgeon’s knife, carving in to the depths of the sorrow in my soul, expressing my grief like a banshee ~ sobbing, wailing, screaming, toning.

In giving the wounded aspects of my soul freedom of expression, I was slowly able to reclaim the abandoned, disempowered hidden parts of myself. Little by little, I began to retrieve my power, my freedom ~ and my voice.

Immersing deeply to face my shadows, I was able to access and express the many voices of my soul, until I was finally free of my limitations ~ free to bring my Divine essence to the world.

I had finally transformed my life, from the inside out.


The journey to the core of the Soul is deep and cathartic. It can be painful, ecstatic, intense, joyous and even scary. But the path of the warrior is the ONLY path to travel, if we are to shine and thrive, and live a joyous life, imbued with the essence of who we truly are.


It is a deep honour to be a guiding light on your journey…  to hold a safe space for you, where you too may give voice to your shadows, purge your wounding and trauma, and align with your deepest calling as you express your most authentic Divine voice, the song of your soul.

It is the greatest blessing to support you on your path as your unique voice shines the light on your shadows and calls forward your Divine essence, to bring forth the brightest ever YOU.

Are you ready to say YES to YOU?

“You allowed me to go to places with my voice that I don’t normally let myself go”


Bath, UK

“I could hear Hildegard von Bingen as though she were coming through you, and you were channeling her”

Maui, Hawaii

“I felt my voice free up and become really fluid and I was singing like a mermaid”


Glastonbury, UK

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