* the Science & Benefits of SOUND & VOICE HEALING

* How to use Harmonic sound in your practise

* How to Empower & use the voice to heal trauma

Who is it For?

Music therapists
Educational institutions
Therapists and counsellors
Mental health professionals
Yoga and meditation instructors
Bodyworkers and energy healers
Holistic wellness centres and retreats
Community organisations

Sound & Voice Healers
Addiction treatment centres
Corporate wellness programs
Trauma-informed organisations
Schools and educational settings
Rehabilitation centres and hospitals
Rehabilitation and correctional facilities
Personal development and self-help workshops
Hospice and palliative care

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A 2 day interactive workshop bringing you the science and benefits plus myriads of ways to use sound and the voice to purge the past and step into an empowered life, aligned with Divine Purpose. For those you work with, for your clients, your loved ones ~ and for YOU!

Let go of what no longer serves, heal past emotional trauma, recover and empower your authentic voice, heal the inner child and harmonise body, mind and soul, and say YES to a life of joy, fulfilment and abundance.


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Jen Wilson

Vocal Muse, Sacred Sound and Soul Voice Guide