An online course for healers to heal the inner child and creative self

Purify with crystal sound

A 4-week course with meditations, practises and affirmations with crystal singing bowls.

Purge emotional trauma and childhood stories, harmonise body, mind and soul, and realign with your higher purpose.

Does emotional trauma impact your life?

Is your inner child calling to be healed?

reclaim your creative powers and ignite your passion and purpose

 “Trauma is not the bad things that happen to you, but what happens inside you as a result of the bad things that happened. These parts of you need to be seen and heard. Only then will your calling become clear.” Gabor Mate

In this 4 wEEk course you will explore myriads of ways sound can help to…

Clear old stories and emotional trauma

Dissolve ancestral wounds

Heal the wounded child

Rediscover your creative self

Reclaim your healing gifts

If you . . .


Lost your sense of self

FEEL OUT OF alignment

are ready to re-ignite your passion and purpose

And If…


Your creativity is blocked

You know you have so much more to give ...

You are ready to answer your calling

Transform your life from the inside out

What’s Inside?


  • Exercises, tips & techniques to help you face and embrace your shadow and transform self sabotaging patterns
  • Affirmations and mantras to heal the inner child and purify body, mind and spirit 
  • Simple powerful exercises you can practise anywhere, anytime!

  • Short video modules to fit round your schedule!

Modules include:

Opening of the Heart

10 min Toning Exercise

Emotional Clearing

Purging for Abundance

Reclaim Your Power

The Purpose of Life

Love Yourself

BONUS: Sound Healing Meditation

Jen Wilson


Sound Healing Journeys and Exercises with crystal singing bowls to harmonise body, heart and soul

Jen Wilson 
sacred singer
sound healer
soul voice guide

As a young singer, being told to sit down and shut up, I know what it is to be stifled. I lost my confidence at an early age, scared to sing, speak my truth or express myself – I lost my power and I quickly learned to play small.

Becoming a widow with 2 young children in my 30’s, the grief impacted deeply in my psyche and my body. My emotions were in turmoil. In an attempt to stay in control of my life, I distracted myself with parties, addiction and self sabotage.

I was lost in the chaos and I became completely silenced.

Spiralling into self destruction, I knew my life had to change.

Finding myself wasn’t easy. It was a long, painful process of letting go… of all my old stories… purging and clearing deep emotional trauma and grief. I learned to use my voice like a surgeon’s knife, carving in to the depths of the sorrow in my soul, expressing my grief like a banshee ~ sobbing, wailing, screaming, toning.

In giving the wounded aspects of my soul freedom of expression, I was slowly able to reclaim the abandoned, disempowered hidden parts of myself. Little by little, I began to retrieve my power, my freedom ~ and my voice.

Immersing deeply to face my shadows, I was able to access the many hidden places of my soul, until I was finally free of my limitations ~ free to bring my Divine essence to the world.

I had transformed my life, from the inside out.


The journey to the core of the Soul is deep and cathartic. It can be painful, ecstatic, intense, joyous and even scary. But the path of the warrior is the ONLY path to travel, if we are to shine and thrive, and live a joyous life, imbued with the essence of who we truly are.


It is a deep honour to be a guiding light on your journey…  to hold a safe space for you, where you too may give voice to your shadows, purge your wounding and trauma, and align with your deepest calling as you express your most authentic Divine self and the song of your soul.

It is the greatest blessing to support you on your path, as your unique voice shines the light on your shadows and calls forward your Divine essence, to bring forth the brightest ever YOU.

Are you ready to say YES to YOU?

“A Goddess came to me. I felt really fluid. I was lifted and felt myself float across the room”


Glastonbury, UK

“How professional you are and how beautifully you held the space”


Bath, UK

“I have a full heart and feel very pure and light with a serene centre ”


Bristol, UK

Vocal Nectar 2021