Transformational Sound Therapy


 Weaving ancient wisdom, Indigenous and shamanic practises with cutting edge science and technology, the world’s leading trailblazers and pioneers explore the fascinating worlds of therapeutic sound and the voice.

Discover myriads of ways sound and the voice can be used to relieve trauma and stress, restoring harmony and health to body, mind and soul.

Join us in this exciting journey of discovery and self empowerment through harmonic sound, vibration, frequency, the Golden Spiral, sonic geometry, cymatics, binaural beats and the healing powers of the voice.

In bringing together the world’s greatest minds in the field of therapeutic sound, we are able to gain a deeper insight and understanding of the miracle of life through the world of sound and vibration, that we may re-member, as our ancestors once did, how to live in harmony with our world.

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 “The Future of Medicine is Sound”

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~ Transformational Sound Therapy ~

sonic harmonic community

Geometry underlies all of creation, through the laws of universal harmony and sympathetic resonance. Platonic solids form the foundations of the physical third dimensional world, with repeating mathematical sequences, the principles of sonic geometry, and the natural spiral seen throughout the Universe, within Nature, and all of her creation. This wisdom has been mirrored in the building of our stone circles, ancient monuments and sacred temples, with the same measurements found repeated across the world. 

We are One with all that is.

When our consciousness aligns with the oneness of creation, we return to our natural state of harmony. 

When our collective consciousness aligns, we will ascend to a state of bliss and union, where we may thrive together, as One, on our beautiful planet.

 Love, Peace and Resonant Harmony.

The best is yet to come!

“You are a genius and a master of ceremonies. You have created a jewel that will go on shining and will ring out across time.”

Lawrence Bloom, 

Be Earth Foundation