Welcome to The Divine Mastery Circle

Congratulations and thank you for answering your highest call to join us here in this sacred space.

We are honoured to have you here with us and we wish you a deeply healing, insightful and transformational journey during your time here. Sharing this sacred space together, we will witness, honour and hold one another as we journey through the purity and innocence, the angelic and the childlike, the shadow and the primal, in the ever unfolding process of evolving into the fullness of who we truly are. 

Inside the courses below, you will find exercises, mantras, meditations and affirmations. The courses have been designed to nurture and support you as you move through your healing journey, ever deeper into the essence of your being, your inner stillness, your beautiful Divine Self.

During your onboarding, you will be guided to the modules that will best support you as you embark upon your unique path. As you become familiar with the course content, you may approach the modules as you resonate with them and as they call to you.

We’re excited to see what unfolds for you and we look forward to journeying with you.

Divine Blessings

Jen Wilson

Transformational Sound Therapy

As a member of the Divine Mastery Circle, you have one years full access to the TST summit, featuring over 34 speakers exploring therapeutic sound and the healing voice. Your one years access begins from your date of sign up with Divine Mastery Circle.

Your log in details to the summit will be sent with your DMC Welcome email. Please keep these details safe.

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Divine Mastery Circle Members Updates

New content will be added to your hub periodically. As an active member, you will be informed of any updates or new content via your email. So keep an eye on your inbox for updates from Vocal Nectar and Divine Mastery.

We are blessed you are here with us on this journey of self empowerment and the remembering of our Divine essence, through the wonderful worlds of harmonic sound and the healing voice.


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