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Welcome to Vocal Nectar’s Membership Hub. Inside this members area, you can access the course(s) you have purchased. If you are a member of the Divine Mastery Circle coaching program, you will have access to ALL of the courses. Plus you will find your log in to your years access to the Transformational Sound Therapy online summit.  

You may approach the course content in any order you wish, although we do advise you follow the order of the modules, as they are laid out in a way that nurtures and supports you as you progress on your journey, ever deeper into the inner essence of your being, your stillness, your sacredness, your Divine Self.

I look forward to journeying with you.

Sonic Blessings

Jen Wilson

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We are happy and honoured you are here with us on this wonderful journey to self empowerment and the re-membering of our Divine essence, through the wonderful worlds of harmonic sound and the healing voice. 


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If you are a member of the Divine Mastery Circle, here is your link to log in to the TST online summit, featuring over 34 speakers exploring therapeutic sound and the healing voice. You will continue to have access to the summit for one year from your date of sign up with the Divine Mastery Circle, whether you continue with the DMC coaching program or not.

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