Aloha and a very warm welcome to you!

Congratulations and thank you for joining me in this unique, transformational journey of self discovery and self empowerment.

The path of the warrior is only ever taken by those brave enough to walk the dark night of the soul ~ to face the many shadows of lifetimes past, burn away the dross of the old paradigm, transmute old patterns into golden rays, and embrace the precious jewels on the inside! Our carbon based reality is being transformed in to one of crystalline diamonds- so allowing ourselves to surrender and burn in the fire of our own metamorphosis ~ is absolutely THE best thing we can do for Ourselves, and for the world, at this extraordinary time for humanity here on our beautiful Mother Earth!

So well done for saying YES and for embarking on this remarkable journey ~ To the Within. 

I am so grateful you are here and look forward to journeying with you 

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Inside your course, your module list will remain visible for ease of navigation or if you wish to go back or skip forwards.

All Vocal Nectar courses are self-paced, so you can take your time with each module, and revisit as you need to. There is no strict order to take the modules, and you may watch any module that resonates with you at any time. However – it is generally advised to go through the modules in the order they are laid out as each course has been designed to guide you through an evolving and deepening process of purging, clearing and integrating.

All the video modules are short, between 2 and 15 minutes long, and there are blank meditations at the end of each chapter to practise and immerse with.

 If you have any questions, please reach out to Jen and the team at 

May your “Aha” moments be many, your journey be deep and enlightening, and your days, harmonious, joyous and empowered! 

Sonic Blessings

Jen Wilson x