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Purify with Crystal Sound contains 7 chapters and 40 video modules of approximately 3 hours of content, with 10 downloadable PDF’s. There are 2 blank meditations at the end of the course which you may use to practise with.

The aims of the course are to help you clear emotional and childhood trauma, release limitations and connect with your Divine higher Self to realign with your true purpose.

Create a quiet, safe space where you can relax, open up and surrender to whatever may come up for you in each lesson as you go through the course.

There is NO set order to take the modules, however the course has been designed to help you open up, clear and unfold as you journey through the exercises.

I advise you buy a journal and take notes as you move through the course, so you may record your progress, your challenges, remember which areas are strong for you, and which may need working on.

Remember we are ALWAYS a work in progress!

See the downloadable PDF for more information and tips: – HOW TO GET THE BEST FROM THE COURSE