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Welcome to Empower Your Voice course.

This course contains 8 chapters, 29 lessons with approximately 3 hours of video content, and 16 PDFs of tips, techniques, exercises and wisdom. There are 2 blank meditations at the end of the course which you can use to practise with.

The aims of the course are to help you purge emotional trauma, give voice to your shadow and unsung song, explore the many voices of your soul and come to KNOW your Divine self and sacred purpose.

Create a quiet, safe space where you can relax, open up and surrender to whatever may come up for you in each lesson as you go through the course.

There is NO set order to take the modules, however the course has been designed to help you surrender, open up, warm up your voice, clear old emotions, and unfold into your pure essence, as you journey through the exercises.

I advise you buy a journal and take notes as you move through the course, so you can record your progress, any challenges, strengths and weaknesses, and areas which you may want to come back to which may need working on.

Remember we are ALWAYS a work in progress!

I hope the course enables you to deepen into your journey of self transformation ~ empowering your life from the inside out using sound and your beautiful voice as your instrument and guide.

There are 16 PDFs to guide you through the modules ~ these can be found in the Materials tab at the top of this course home page. ALL PDFs are downloadable. For more information and FAQ’s, see the PDF in Materials: –


NB: Many of the modules have been professionally recorded in a studio. However many were recorded live in Bali. The background sound that can be heard is the river flowing behind me in the jungle in Ubud, or the sound of the ocean. Bali is a magical place and spirit was working with me very strongly during these transmissions as we attuned together to help purify the waters. Please bear this in mind as you listen. The audio has been professionally treated where possible to reduce the external noise of the environment. Blessings and peace